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Gifts are not required by any means, but if you insist they are deeply appreciated. I do have a few favorite things since you asked...
Giftcards are always fun! Lulu, MAC, and Amazon, Apple, Saks, Honey Birdette, Christian Louboutin and Nordstrom are fabulous ideas. :)
A lovely Cabernet Sauvignon is my favorite wine. (Caymus is my fav) and for the harder alcohol whiskey is my weakness. (Angel Envy is my jam. Not Jameson though.....leave that one on the shelf.) On the rocks please!
I love handbags that feel amazing, I'm pretty tactical so the softer and richer the feel the better, not really particular on brand. 

I love lingerie but have difficulty finding bras that fit as I'm a 36F, but if you want to accept the challenge I find them at or Nordstrom's or Honey Birdette.

Another thing, I like to shop, so if you wanted me to go with you I would be happy to give a female perspective on any of the shopping needs you might have. It doesn't have to be for me, I enjoy helping you find a new suit, proper shoes, fitness wear, whatever you need. Or if you just want me to come along and flirt with you and make you laugh while you do it I'm also happy to oblige for that as well. 
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