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Arianna Ryan

I'm a lady originating from the Pacific Northwest. I have lived overseas in Europe before settling in the desert. I am educated and thoroughly enjoy my day career and my side hobby as well. I'm a girl who likes a range of things from outdoor activities, to shopping to just enjoying an interesting person's company. I was a gymnast for most of my childhood well into my teens, and still maintain an athletic physique. I will enjoy meeting you and learning about you because it's part of my personality. I like to think of myself as kind, warm with a good sense of humor.

I love a good book, movies, football (go Broncos!) and am fascinated with older cars but bear with me as I am learning about them. Feel free to teach me whatever you would like to share. I enjoy spending some time at the gym to ensure I stay healthy and centered.

My measurements are:

Bust 36

Waist 24

Waist 36

Thighs ( I squat) 

Weight 150

Height 5'6"

Shoe size 9

Please know I do have my profession during the day and I am usually able to meet in the evenings or on weekends. Therefore I'm selective with my time and who I choose to spend it with.  Additionally I appreciate any time you wish to spend with me, however 4 hour dinner dates are my favorites for appointments because it gives me time to get to know you and for us to both get comfortable.

I do have a few reviews if you want to check it out! :)

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